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Life After My ADHD Diagnosis

Continued from this post After I filled my prescription for Adderall and started taking it, I noticed an immediate difference. It was seriously like night and day. Now that I've been medicated for almost a year, it's very obvious to my husband when I have taken my...

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I Got Diagnosed With ADHD

My ADHD diagnosis came at age 27. I know, it's usually little boys getting diagnosed, not married moms in their late twenties. You would be surprised though, many women with ADHD are able to hide their symptoms and cope, because we've had a lifetime of practice in...

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A fresh start.

So you may have noticed that I disappeared from blogging for an actual year, not just what feels like year. A whole, actual year. I've wanted to come back but it feels like every time i tried, something came up. It's been that kind of year. I decided to start with a...

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