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So you may have noticed that I disappeared from blogging for an actual year, not just what feels like year. A whole, actual year.

I’ve wanted to come back but it feels like every time i tried, something came up. It’s been that kind of year. I decided to start with a fresh new look, and got rid of my old posts so I can start over. I am now running on the Divi framework, and it’s freaking amazing. I love it so much.

So what’s happened in this year? SO MUCH.

I got a new puppy, named Tyrion in July, for my birthday. He has been a fun but crazy addition to our family. We also celebrated 2 years of homeownership in July.

My older daughter, Karina, started kindergarten in August. And Anna Kate, my younger daughter, started preschool. Karina has been learning to read, and it’s crazy seeing her learn so much.

I also went on my first solo trip since having kids! It was seriously liberating.

I also lost 20 lbs.

It hasn’t all been awesome, I hit a wall in April which led to me getting diagnosed with ADHD. It answered so many questions, but also had me wondering, what would my life be like if I discovered this sooner?

My aunt was attacked in August, and she passed away from complications from that attack in October.

I also did something I said I’d never do, and failed miserably. I tried direct sales. I know.