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After I filled my prescription for Adderall and started taking it, I noticed an immediate difference. It was seriously like night and day. Now that I’ve been medicated for almost a year, it’s very obvious to my husband when I have taken my medicine and when I have not.

I was able to start and finish tasks without getting distracted in the middle, which had been a huge challenge my whole life. I was able to keep track of important dates much easier, along with remembering important details. I felt much more in control and therefor less overwhelmed.

My patience still isn’t great, but it’s much better than it was, and because I don’t constantly feel overwhelmed, it takes much longer for me to lose it. This has obviously benefitted everyone in my family. I yell much less.

Obviously, being medicated didn’t magically change my life.

Medication has helped me function on a much better level, but I still use various coping methods that I developed before I knew I had ADHD, and others I have implemented since my diagnosis.

I use a planner and the calendar on my phone to keep track of appointments and things like that, the difference is that now I actually add dates and such to them, and check it.

When I’m feeling angry or overwhelmed I’m able to control it. I can ask myself if I’m justified in my feelings or if I can do anything to change the situation to a more positive one rather than just letting go and flipping out. Before, I would just flip out now, ask questions and feel bad later.

Overall, my life is so much better after receiving the help I needed. I only wish I’d gotten help sooner, because I needlessly struggled for years.

I have learned that I am far from alone.

While I was learning about ADHD and also after my diagnosis, I learned that there has been a huge uptick in women getting diagnosed with ADHD. Like me, they didn’t fit the standard mold of ADHD, and like me they suffered through it thinking there was something wrong with them.¬†Which is so far from the truth!

Many girls and women with ADHD struggle to even get a diagnosis because they are smart and seem to be doing really well. Which can lead to shame about how they are feeling so they try even harder to appear to be in control.

Seriously, if any of this sounds familiar to you, please read and gain knowledge about ADHD to see if an official diagnosis, access to learn new skills to help deal with it, and medication would help you. If even one person gets the help they need after reading this post, I’d be so happy.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, so please don’t use this post as a diagnostic tool. There are tons on the internet. Use google like I did.¬†