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For my birthday my husband got me a new puppy, we named him Tyrion, after the Game of Thrones character. He was so cute and sweet. He’s kind of an asshole now, because he’s a puppy, but a cute asshole who enjoys snuggles when he’s not trying to steal my flip flops.

Tiny Tasha welcomed him into the family/pack, and the kids love him. But this story is not about what a great addition the family he is.

This is about the time I woke up to my dogs fucking.

So for some background: I never got Tasha fixed because I planned to breed her, but never found a good mate for her, I was going to get her fixed but life happens, a new baby, a move, and really no other dogs around put Tasha’s reproductive system on the back burner. That and the fact that she hadn’t been in heat for about 2 years.
Tyrion was born at the end of May and wasn’t able to get fixed until his balls dropped in January. I didn’t rush to get him fixed, and you’re a liar if you think you would get your dog fixed within a week of his balls dropping.

Tasha went into heat at the beginning of February. So since we weren’t responsible enough to get either dog fixed in time, we decided to do the next best thing and keep them separate. So Boris slept upstairs with Tasha and I slept downstairs with Tyrion, and had a gate at the top of the stairs so there could be no sneaky dog sex.

Well at like 6 am on the second morning I woke up to some whining. It was dark and I’d literally just opened my eyes but I see Tasha just staring at me and I say “come here Tiny” and she tries but cant and whines. So I go to pick her up and discover Tyrion is stuck to her. They are butt to butt. I was like “omg, are they dying?” I’m not smart in the morning. So I called Boris on my phone because I assumed he left the gate open when he left for work. He hadn’t left yet and was upstairs. We later figured out Karina came downstairs for water in the middle of the night.

Anyway, he comes downstairs, turns on the light, and says “they fucked, did you really need to wake me up for this?” Yes. Yes I did. Boris whispered some threats to Tyrion, which scared him, and the dogs were no longer stuck.

I made a vet appointment hoping to get some puppy plan-b. Puppy plan-b is not a thing. And neither are dog pregnancy tests.

One month later I brought Tasha back to the vet where I learned she was pregnant.