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I’m Krista, and I’m not really a see you next Tuesday. I just thought it would be a hilarious name for a blog. I used to run the blog ArmyWifeStyle. But outgrew that. I will however never outgrow a pun. Probably.

I’m a 20 something mom to 2 little girls (Karina and Anna Kate) and the wife of a soldier (Boris). We currently reside in the lovely state of Georgia, near Augusta. We love it here so far. We are both natives of the North East. I’m originally from a small town outside of Boston, and he grew up in Brooklyn. I’ve mostly lost my accent but here in the land of sweet tea, it stands out a bit. I’m still really disappointed I haven’t seen any peach trees in the wild.

Life is an adventure, and I try not to take it too seriously. My blog is an extension of myself, and is mostly focuses on lifestyle and parenting with a bit of everything thrown in. I think swearing is an under appreciated art form and I am a true student of vulgarity. I’ve been told I’m very blunt and honest, I don’t believe in sugar coating. I also don’t believe in being mean for no reason. There’s a way to be honest without being cruel, and it has taken me my whole adult life thus far to almost master it.


I love shopping, my major in college was fashion merchandising, though I’d say at this point my style is classic/boring. It’s evolved from a lot of cleavage to less, but one thing that has stayed the same is my love of black. I am also obsessed with beauty and hair products. I have a massive collection of nail polish and make up. I’m very passionate about having curly hair and embracing it.

I’m not just a stay at home mom, I was very active in the military spouse online community. I was also the community manager for NextGen MilSpouse for 2 years and the community manager for SpouseBox until it closed. I love supporting my fellow military spouses and NextGen MilSpouse is a fabulous community and resource if you are new (or old) to the military life.

I’m a person just like you and no more qualified to parent, run a home, dress myself or decorate than you are. Take anything I say with a grain of salt and know that if I tell you I like something, I really do. Promise. We might not agree, but I hope you know that when I say I recommend doing X, Y or Z, it’s because it works for me, and not because someone paid me to tell you that. I want you to be able to trust me and my recommendations.

Feel free to contact me at anytime, I’m chatty, I have my social media links on my header and you can email me at!

I hope you stick around!